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I enjoy a good magic trick.  The magician can fool us with a sleight of hand.  He makes us think we have seen something that in fact did not happen. Today is April Fool’s Day.  This is a day usually … Continue reading

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The Most Feared Passages

Fear.  The word evokes strong feelings.  Terror.  Horror. I recall as a young man going through a haunted house.  As we were going through the house I had 2 youngsters I didn’t even know wrapped tightly around my waist.  They … Continue reading

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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

My tendency is to try to fix everything.  I suppose that is a man’s way.  But sometimes I just need to stay out of the situation.  Sometimes it is none of my business. Sometimes it is not my circus.  Being … Continue reading

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The Second Death

There are many definitions of death.  The medical community has a few.  It is interesting that a part of many definitions of death is the end of the life of a person or organism.  In light of what we find … Continue reading

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WWJD What would Jesus do?  This was a very popular saying some time ago.  It is indeed a worthy consideration as we face life’s daily struggles.  If our aim is to be Christ-like then maybe this needs to be more … Continue reading

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Character and Reputation

Schwarzkopf and Wooden A serious study of leadership could include Norman S. Schwarzkopf and John Wooden.  These were two men whom I greatly admired.  They are both gone now but their lessons live on.  Let us visit each briefly and … Continue reading

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Some People Like to Talk

I heard someone recently complaining about a person who monopolizes the conversation.  He said the person just takes over a meeting and does all the talking.  It was said that this person obviously likes to hear himself talk.  We all … Continue reading

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“Never listen to the voice of a man, who doesn’t listen to the voice of GOD” Currently there are some professional athletes who are protesting what they perceive as a social injustice by refusing to stand during the playing of … Continue reading

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Right or Effective?

We have a religious body in our community that is fairly new to this area.  Their facilities, in a prime location, look like a small community college campus. I recently heard the leader of this very popular growing religious group … Continue reading

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Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Then Job answered the LORD and said: “Behold, I am vile; What shall I answer You? I lay my hand over my mouth. Once I have spoken, but I will not answer; Yes, twice, but I will proceed no further.” … Continue reading

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