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The Chinese Word

Four times in the book of Psalms we find the same very pitiful cry made unto GOD.  Do not hide Your face from me.  (Psa 27:9, 69:17, 102:2, 143:7) Imagine the terror in that scenario.  GOD is hidden! The only … Continue reading

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Lifted Up

The book of Numbers 21:6-9 details the account of the Israelites rebelling against Jehovah GOD and His sending serpents among the people as punishment.  Many of the Israelites died as a result of the snake bites.  But as always, GOD … Continue reading

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The Unnamed Woman

The women listed in the genealogy of Jesus make for an interesting study.  A closer look at the lineage found in the first chapter of Matthew reveals there are four named women including the mother of our LORD. For our … Continue reading

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Another Sign

I’ve written before about my maternal grandfather and the blue sign nailed to the old oak tree in his yard. (Refer to “An old blue sign” blog, October 16, 2012)  I remember another sign hanging on his old garage.  This … Continue reading

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You da man

You da man! Everyone has heard this expression.  Although it is not exclusive to sports, it is especially common among athletes.  I played various sports in my younger years.  Whether it is sinking a bucket in basketball or getting the … Continue reading

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Imagine for a moment that one of your children is missing and you later get word that they are being held hostage. Perish the thought because that would be a nightmare for any parent to just think about. But imagine … Continue reading

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The old man has to live with the young man’s deeds. I think if younger Christians would really think about this wisdom it would prevent a lot of bad judgment. I heard this expression years ago. And I know the … Continue reading

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When I taught high school mathematics, one of the most difficult concepts to relate was the idea of infinity. The idea of something existing that has no end is tough to grasp. Our number system is a simple example. No … Continue reading

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Into the depths of the sea

Forgiveness is one of those biblical terms that really is beyond our complete understanding. However, GOD, through the inspired word, has offered several analogies to help us. Micah offers one such picture. Remember that Micah prophesied about 700 years before … Continue reading

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