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Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  Part of the reason I like this holiday so much is the emphasis that is placed on family during this season.  We look forward to the food and the sharing … Continue reading

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Be A Man

I suppose our society is struggling with the idea of manhood now more than ever.  What is your definition of manliness?  What is your description of a real man?  Is it the idea of the Marlboro man of the cigarette … Continue reading

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Final Words

What would you talk about if you knew the conversation with a loved one would be your last on this side of eternity?  Discussions such as these are not about frivolous things.  These conversations are about the important things, the … Continue reading

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Give Thanks

Recently while eating at a local restaurant I had an interesting experience. I noticed these two men as they came in and were seated at a table nearby. To say these men looked like trouble would be an understatement. The … Continue reading

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Family Heritage

If I were to mention the names Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, you might not immediately think family heritage. There is a strong case for that very thing. It can even be extended to Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh, and … Continue reading

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I’m in the Short Rows Now

I’m in the short rows now. This will have meaning only to those who have grown up on a farm. As a young man my family had a small farm that produced much of the food we consumed year round. … Continue reading

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10 Directives to Dads

A study of the 6th chapter of Deuteronomy is a wonderful text for fathers.  The statements of “You shall” or “You shall not” comprise a list of 10 directives to Dads.  I have them marked in my Bible. You shall … Continue reading

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Mothers Serve

Mothers are often in the background.  They rarely find their name in lights.  Yet their influence spans across generations.  The old adage “the hands that rock the cradle rule the world” is true. There are many mothers named in the … Continue reading

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Personality Traits

When I was a much younger man, I identified with the apostle Peter.  Impetuous Peter often was the first to speak.  Sometimes it appears he may have been too quick to speak.  Sometimes we all speak first and think about … Continue reading

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You must be this tall

I remember carrying my boys to amusement parks when they were growing up. Those are wonderful memories I have.  Those young boys could certainly wear me out but we always had fun. I recall visiting a park when my older … Continue reading

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