Be or Do

I recently heard a speaker make the observation that instead of putting the emphasis on what GOD wants us to do, maybe we should first emphasize what GOD wants us to be.

Now this is not to say our “do” is not important.  Matthew 7:21 makes it abundantly clear that our “do” is necessary.  Here we read Jesus saying, Not everyone who says to Me ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Thus the “do” is important.

But it is possible that if we get our “be” right then the “do” will take care of itself.

The word “be” is found close to 6000 times in the NKJ

Consider the following verses.

Eph 1:4               Be holy.  The word holy means set apart, free from defilement.

1 Cor 4:16           Be followers of me.  Paul says imitate me because I follow Christ.

Gal 5:18              Be led by the Spirit.  Paul details the fruits of the Spirit.

Eph 3:18              Be able to comprehend

Col 1:9                 Be filled with knowledge

Eph 4:32              Be kind one to another

Eph 5:1                Be imitators of GOD

Phil 4:6                Be anxious for nothing

Phil 4:11              Be content

Col 3:15               Be thankful

1 Cor 1:10           Be perfectly joined together

Gal 6:7                Be not deceived

2 Tim 2:1            Be strong

I was once impressed to hear of a young person looking for a mate.  This young person had a list of things they expected their future spouse to have.  I thought that was pretty mature.  But I also thought “I wonder if you have the qualifications your future spouse is looking for?”

Indeed, are you the one that the one you are looking for, is looking for?

I need to be who GOD wants me to be.

Yes, if we get our “be” right, the rest will probably take care of itself.

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