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Paw Paw and the Visiting Preacher

My Teresa taught school for many years. Early in her teaching career, she met an older gentleman on the staff at her school that shared an interesting story with her. He said that in his younger days he was a … Continue reading

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Lost. That is one of the more frightening words in our language. Most of us can recall a situation where we were lost at least for a time. Hopefully it was not a threatening situation. I have a brother 5 … Continue reading

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The Powerful Word

I remember when our boys were growing up we tried to emphasize the importance of knowing the Scriptures. Teresa prepared posters that hung in their bedrooms and we would recite various verses each night as part of our bed time … Continue reading

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My Last Blog

Today is my 100th blog.  Sometimes a television show will have a special show celebrating its 100th episode.  So today I have chosen a special topic.  My thoughts today are titled, My Last Blog.  Now I hope it is not literally … Continue reading

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Fear and Respect

You can fear GOD. Or you can fear everything else. Solomon’s search for meaning led him to this conclusion: Fear GOD and keep His commandments for this is the whole of man. The word fear is translated from the Hebrew … Continue reading

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