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The Continental Divide

Teresa and I have had the privilege of visiting several states out West. There is nothing I’ve seen in life quite like visiting the Rocky Mountains. The song, America the Beautiful, was penned from the summit of Pikes Peak in … Continue reading

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Balancing the Checkbook

I know this is probably not going to be everyone’s thing, but I rather enjoy balancing the checkbook each month. There is a kind of pleasure when it balances the first time. Taking all the checks and deposits, those that … Continue reading

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The Heart

I have oft heard the expression “Well GOD knows my heart.” The thought usually means that sincerity is the crux of salvation. That if one’s heart is sincere GOD will save that person. Another expression is “I know in my … Continue reading

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There is a story of a King long ago who dressed as a common man and circulated among the people to see what they really thought about him and to find issues of interest. Now there is a modern take … Continue reading

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