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The Sunrise

I love the sunrise. There is something very special about the sunrise. It brings renewed energy. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not here; we have today. The expectation of what a day will bring forth. Typically, one’s mental and physical … Continue reading

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There go I

There, but for the grace of GOD, go I. You should know there are expressions for which I am fond. This is one of those expressions. I am sure you have heard it before. It is used when someone else … Continue reading

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What do you think about Money?

He is no fool to give what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose. Jim Eliot So what is your attitude toward money? The Scriptures have much to say about money. But really it is not so … Continue reading

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There were two men in Mississippi who were traveling to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and they both stopped and asked for directions. One of the men was told to drive to Highway 82 and turn left. He was told this would lead … Continue reading

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Winter has finally released its grip on us and the budding of new life is all around. Springtime is a time of renewal. I really like all 4 seasons but spring is an especially encouraging time. Renewal and recreation abounds. … Continue reading

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When we built our present house several years ago I remember the heavy equipment excavating our basement and digging the foundations. Our home is built on a slopped lot. When the machinery was digging into the side of the slope … Continue reading

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Testing twitterfeed!

We are in the process of generating a Facebook page for easier access. Thanks for your support!

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