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Proxy Voting

My current job places me in a setting with a board of directors in a monthly meeting. From time to time it is the board’s responsibility to develop or revise policy. When this is done it requires a quorum, that … Continue reading

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Our Father

I have two sons and have treasured a father son relationship since I first became a father. I know the depth of love a father feels for his children. I know the lengths a father would go to assure the … Continue reading

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Change of Seasons

The last couple of mornings have been cool giving us a hint of fall in the air. This is a welcome relief from the hot summer that is coming to a close. I love the change in the seasons. I … Continue reading

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Political correctness

Political Correctness, commonly abbreviated PC, is best defined by looking at what it is not: that is, the idea of being politically incorrect. Political Incorrectness is used to refer to language or ideas that may cause offense. We live in … Continue reading

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Back to the basics

A story is told about the great Vince Lombardi, that on the first day of camp for the Green Bay Packers, he would begin the meeting by holding up a football and saying “Gentlemen, this is a football.” He believed … Continue reading

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I read recently that cursive writing was no longer taught in elementary schools. That is rather sad because I do appreciate someone who has beautiful handwriting. My Teresa’s handwriting looks as good today as when we were in school. However, … Continue reading

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