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The old grasshopper lure

When I was a young boy growing up my brother and I would go fishing almost every day. We would work on the farm but finish in time to load the gear into the old pickup truck and head to … Continue reading

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Three branches of government

It seems there is always a jockeying for power among our three branches of government. Currently, the President’s health care bill is in the hands of the Supreme Court to decide if, at least, portions of it are unconstitutional. Comments … Continue reading

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What about the Sabbath?

The question of today’s blog involves a keeping of the Sabbath as a holy day. This is clearly one of the Ten Commandments, and thus, a part of the old law, given Moses on Mount Sinai in Exodus 20. But … Continue reading

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What does sin do?

I remember one time as a very young boy of perhaps 5 or 6 years old, I became separated from my parents. I remember it vividly. It was in the old Southgate Mall in Muscle Shoals. I frantically looked around … Continue reading

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When I taught high school mathematics, one of the most difficult concepts to relate was the idea of infinity. The idea of something existing that has no end is tough to grasp. Our number system is a simple example. No … Continue reading

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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

GOD is omniscient – all knowing – Psalm 139:4 GOD is ubiquitous – all present – Psalm 139:7, 8 GOD is omnipotent – all powerful – Psalm 139:14, 15 Psalms 139 is credited as a Psalm of David. David praises … Continue reading

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What time is it?

I don’t remember exactly when it started, but for many years, I have had a peculiar habit. Whenever I look at a digital clock and see the time of 6:33, I am reminded of Matthew 6:33. The verse comes to … Continue reading

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A Lesson from Swartzkopf

May I tell you about my all time favorite dog? He was a German Shepherd born in the midst of Desert Storm thus he was named after the general, Norman Swartzkopf. This dog was the epitome of loyalty. He loved … Continue reading

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